Hi everyone,

In June, I’m embarking on my month-long journey through Scandinavia, and my goal will be to reach Nordkapp in Norway by car. Along the way, I will also visit Lofoten, Rago National Park and Sarek, among other places. In addition, while going to these places, I will be driving on some of the most beautiful roads in Northern Europe, such as the Troll Road.

I have also set myself a goal during this trip to raise 3,000 PLN for the “ Pajacyk” program. The collection is transparent, and the money goes directly to the account of the Polish Humanitarian Action. Pajacyk is a program that has been helping children in Poland for more than 26 years (1998), who grow up in difficult, dysfunctional, families and who are not provided with adequate conditions for development. This program works through 2 intentions: funding hot meals in schools and day care centers and funding psychological assistance. I believe that together we will be able to raise an amount that we can jointly support children in need (and maybe even exceed the intended goal 🙂

We encourage you to take part in the campaign and will be grateful for every zloty donated.

You can follow the struggles during my voyage on my Instagram account 🙂

By clicking on the image below you will go to the collection page.

Greetings and wish you all the best.


pajacyk, pah, polska akcja humanitarna
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