In the past week, I was in Karkonoski national Park. I was at the highest top in this part of mountain – Śnieżka. This peak has 1603 meters high above the sea level. The weather was good, but not perfect for photography. In the morning and during sunrise it blew very strong wind. I must take photos without using a tripod because I worried that my photo camera tip over. However, at noon and afternoon was a little cloud. Evening was the least interesting because all the sky was cloudy. Effect my work you can see below 😊

Śnieżka, Karkonoski Park Narodowy
Before the sunrise at the top.
Śnieżka, Karkonoski Park Narodowy, Schronisko Dom Śląski
View for mountain hut "Dom Śląski"
Śnieżka, Karkonoski Park Narodowy
Nice a sunrise.
Karkonoski Park Narodowy, Strzecha Akademicka
Mountain hut "Strzecha Akademicka"
Karkonoski Park Narodowy, schronisko Samotnia
Mountain hut "Samotnia" next to lake "Mały Staw".
Śnieżka, Karkonoski Park Narodowy, widok z okolic schroniska Samotnia
Rocks - "Mały Staw"
Śnieżka, Karkonoski Park Narodowy
With this cloud, the weather station is small 🙂
Widok ze Śnieżki, Karkonoski Park Narodowy
In the distance you can see mountain hut "Luční bouda" on territory Czech Republic.
Widok ze Śnieżki, Karkonoski Park Narodowy
View for Obři důl valley.
Karkonoski Park Narodowy
Evening in Karkonosze National Park.
Karkonoski Park Narodowy
Way back - mountain trail black
Source mapa-turystyczna.pl
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